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Tips to Choosing the Right Instrument

When beginning your journey on Sound Healing one of the first questions you may ask yourself is what instrument to begin with. It is important to choose the right instrument when starting, as it will allow you to fully blossom and be more open to other mediums. One thing in particular I have to come notice on my path of Sound Healing is that everyone responds quite  differently to different instruments. For instance one may see colors and feel joy when listening to Crystal Bowls, while another might see nothing at all while being overcome with emotions. As we are all composed of different cells - it is impossible to determine how one might react until they are in the vibrating presence of these sound healing instruments. Some people tend to avoid some instruments as a whole - and this is entirely okay! If your body is signaling to stop, you probably should. 

When working with Sound Healing instruments one is working with more than the instrument itself. They’re working on a vibratory level with their clients - acting as a medium to transmit these healing vibrations into their cellular body. It is important to keep in mind that these are VERY powerful instruments, and very powerful mediums. Improper playing and mediumship can lead to very unpleasant experiences for both client and practitioner alike. On that note - one must always be conscious of their playing and vibratory emissions - or else any instrument will have the ability to produce anxiety and other unpleasant feelings. 

When one is consciously and properly playing an instrument, the vibrations should be positive and harmonious. Allowing for countless healing effects both emotionally and physically. However, this does not mean that some instruments may just not vibe with us. One in particular is the Gong. I’ve heard time and time again mixed feedback on this instrument more so than any other. Perhaps it’s the fact that it is such a powerful medium, and overplaying or improper playing can quickly induce stress and anxiety, leaving one with a bad taste in their mouth and the want to avoid the instrument entirely. Or Crystal Bowls, one of my favorite mediums. As beautiful as they are - improper playing can lead to very unpleasant experiences. 

I say this because you shouldn’t let one past unpleasant experience close all future doors of possibility on a potential instrument, it just may not have been properly utilized!

When choosing an instrument it’s important to keep in mind what your intention is. Do you want an instrument that is light and portable and can be brought anywhere in your backpack? Do you want an instrument that you can play in the stressful environment of a busy and loud city or household? Do you want an instrument that will emit healing vibrations to others? How about physical and emotional benefits. Do you want an instrument to help heal a physical or emotional ailment? These are all important questions to ask yourself when starting your journey on Sound Healing. Use your intuition, and be sure to always research brands and manufacturers before making a purchase. 

When beginning your journey you may notice that there are various types of each instrument. For Crystal Bowls there are frosted, practitioner, and fusion bowls. Each one emitting a different quality of tone and vibration. Tuning forks have weighted and unweighted - one for use in the biofield and one for use on the body. There different types of gongs as well - the two most popular being Wind and Chau gongs. I highly suggest listening to sound samples of instruments before making a purchase. And also keep in mind the resonance of each instrument - for example a 440hz flute or tuning fork versus one at 432hz. While very sublte to the human ear - the difference between 440 and 432 can be quite substantial with some instruments and I suggest you try comparing the two with sound samples and try hearing for yourself.

There are also various types of chimes and other instruments like the monochord, handpan, rainsticks, didgeridoo, and many many others. It can seem overwhelming at first, but like I said, stick to your intuition and intention more so and you will be guided to the right instrument. The path of Sound Healing is a beautiful one, filled with healing vibrations for yourself and others. Be open with your path and limitations and you will find yourself where you will need to be!

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