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What Is Sound Healing?

One question I get asked more than anything is - "What is Sound Healing?". Although that is a tricky question to strictly define, I will try my best to give a basic understanding to those who are completely new to the world of Sound Healing, and perhaps to teach something new to those who are already seasoned.

Simply put Sound Healing is ancient healing modality that allows us to heal by reconnecting with ourselves, the universe, and others - through - you guessed it - SOUND! From the birds chirping in the morning, the rivers flowing, and the winds blowing, we have been surrounded by a symphony of Sound since the earliest times of creation. It is the art and goal of Sound Healing to consciously take these sound vibrations to better our lives - mentally and physically.

In today's busy world we are constantly surrounded by Sounds on a regular basis - both positive and negative. From alarms waking us up in the morning, to traffic on the commute to work, to chatter in the workplace, to the sounds of our favorite songs - sound plays an integral role in our lives. And if we can take a moment to pause - listen - and appreciate - we may begin to realize just how important and impactful Sound really is.

This where modern Sound Healing concepts come into play - Sound is Frequency and Frequency is Vibration. The strongest medium for vibrational frequencies is water, and the human body is 60% water. That means that on a physiological level we are most moved and received to the medium of sound. So if you are constantly listening to heavy beats or "negative" music - it's no wonder you can find yourself feeling depressed, stressed, and overall out of tune. However, by listening to the pure vibrational frequencies of Sound Healing Instruments and Nature - you can begin to heal in many ways.

Think of a guitar or piano that has been sitting in a musty old room for awhile. If you go to play that instrument right away - the first thing you're probably gonna want to do is make sure it's in tune. Now the same concept applies to us. When we have been in toxic environments, around toxic frequencies and toxic sounds - we too like the instrument can fall out of tune. And the medium of Sound Healing can act as the tuner that gets us vibrating back into harmony.

This is where modern Sound Healing instruments come into play - such as Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Tuning Forks, Gongs, Flutes, and your own voice - amongst many other instruments. And while some of these instruments were not invented with Sound Healing in mind - it has come to be that they are some of the most powerful tools for the medium. So if you ever find yourself in a "negative" mindset - I suggest listening to some music that includes some modern Sound Healing instruments - and see if you have any positive changes.

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