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What is Sound Healing?

Sound Healing is an ancient healing modality and traditional art that spans since the beginning of times. Since the first trees grew, their leaves rustling in the wind, and tree branches occupied by the chirping of our feathered friends - sound healing was invented. If we stop, listen, and appreciate, we will realize that we are constantly surrounded by a symphony of sound - either having a positive or negative effect on our being.

   The human contribution to sound and it’s healing properties can be traced thousands of years. From the first humans - who would hum and chant as a precursor to speech - to the ancient Greeks - who incorporated mathematics and the human energy fields into sound. The appreciation has never been underestimated. Pythagoras once stated, “Each celestial body, in fact each and every atom, produces a particular sound on account of its movement, its rhythm or vibration. All these sounds and vibrations form a universal harmony in which each element, while having it's own function and character, contributes to the whole”.

   To fully understand the effects of Sound Healing, we first have to understand the basics of our energy fields and bodily composition. Einstein stated that “Everything in life is vibration” - this applies to everything from the largest trees to the smallest molecules - everything is in a constant state of vibration. Our bodies are made up of more than 60% water, and sound travels 4x faster through the medium of water than air. Therefore the constant state of vibration around us has a profound physical and molecular effect on our bodies and consciousness.

   Imagine a guitar that has been sitting on a wall for ten years, if you take it down to give it a play - besides change the strings - the first thing you’re going to want to do is make sure it’s in tune. Because chances are, after being stagnant and unplayed for so long, it will have gone out of tune. Now imagine the same scenario but with our body. As babies most of us come into this world in a blissful state, we love unconditionally, we give and accept love freely, we enjoy the pleasures of life, we don’t worry about time, bills, or getting to our next appointment on time. But as we age we experience traumas, pain, and disconnect. And like the guitar on the wall, we too become out of tune.

   But out of tune with what? With nature, our source energy, the cosmos, and ourselves (to name but a few). And just like the guitar - with a little cleaning and care, we too can get back in tune. Through listening and feeling the pure vibrational frequencies of holistic sound healing instruments (i.e. tuning forks, singing bowls, bells, chimes, drums etc.) our bodies can naturally balance and be brought back into tune. Now this isn’t discrediting guitars, saxophones, or whatever your instrument of choice maybe - on a sound healing level. But they must be used more consciously and strictly for the art of sound healing. Just because a frequency makes you move or bob your head - does not mean it is having a positive effect on your cells. In fact, much of today’s “main stream” music (particularly those with overused beats) can be unhealthy and cause states of depression, anxiety, and paranoia. Again this does not pertain to all, but it must be used accordingly.

   Recent research has shown that Sound Healing, particularly with Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls, can have profound effects on cancer patients - and others suffering from long-term illness (physically or mentally). We tend to overlook mental health as just that - health of the mentality - and anything with health can be exposed to disease - the ying and the yang. But the good news is that a majority of health diseases can be cured, particularly mentally, such as depression. And as opposed to taking unhealthy chemicals prescribed by mainstream medicine (which many have profound side effects) - sound can offer a holistic approach to healing. But just like any other prescription - the prescription of sound must be had on a regular basis in order to keep up it’s healing properties.

   You don't just go to the gym once, have a good workout, then show up three weeks later and expect to see results - it must be maintained on a regular basis. The same goes for sound. In order to truly be healed we must be exposed to these frequencies on a regular basis - even if it’s in short intervals. And just as going to the gym - you might not get the results you want until other parts of your lifestyle undergo a signifiant healthy change (i.e. diet, cardio, water intake, incorporating meditation and other breathing exercises, yoga, etc.).


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About Ajna

Ajna Sound Healing was founded with the intent of trying to spread vibrational therapy and healing to as many as possible - as a majority of the world is out of tune at the moment. From humans, to animals, to Mother Earth - we all need some healing. From experiencing concerts in my youth up to current day - and delving into the world of holistic sound healing - sound and music has always been an extremely integral part of my existence.

   I chose the name 'Ajna' for it's representation of the Third Eye Chakra - which is the seat of our intuition and ability to access our true selves. The Third Eye Chakra rests on our brow, is associated with color purple, and has two petals. The chanted mantra for this chakra is the phrase "Ohm".

   Dancing at a concert and feeling the release of endorphins, accompanied by the energy of other souls, paired with the vibrations from the instruments - makes for an experience unlike any other. After seeing my favorite musician I would always - and still do - have a feeling of refreshment and pure bliss. But that feeling always seems short-lived and fleeting after going back into the routine of ‘reality’.

   After striking my first singing bowl - or tuning fork - I found something that finally stuck - and felt effective. I began feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and full of positive energy with sound sessions. So I decided to incorporate them into my daily routine - and the results seem to be profoundly endless. An improvement in my mental and physical states unlike anything I have ever experienced, and within a relatively short-period. A release of so many unconscious and suppressed emotions, experiences, past traumas, and unreleased pain. And without the use of drugs and prescriptions, that can have seemingly countless negative side-effects.

   And so with my first hand experience of healing and positive transformation from these instruments - I really would like to bring them to as many others who would use and appreciate their healing properties. As they really are significant.


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